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Links to Alcatraz-iffic web sites

Official NPS web page, with a section on the military yearsThe NPS’ direct link to “Fortress Alcatraz”Article about a Zulu prince “buffalo soldier” stationed on Alcatraz n 1899Story about the recently completed cellhouse structural upgrade“Escapes from Alcatraz” archive section on military escapes. Links to original stories.Michael Esslinger’s “Alcatraz History” site. Very authoritative, especially on the penitentiary.

KQED TV’s web site for “Lonely Island, Hidden Alcatraz”

An on-line “Legal Affairs” story about the legacy of Hollywood and Alcatraz

The California State Military Museum’s site, with links to the histories of EVERY military site in California

The CSMM’s link to the Harbor Defenses of San Francisco

And their links to the Post on Alcatraz


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